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Mission Trip 2011

June 29- was all about meetings. People heard about our ministry and wanted it to enlist our help and support.

June 30- Bright and early, we were at a school up on a hill. This school is being in existence for 28 years. It was founded by a pastor who wanted to share the SDA message in the neighborhood and was designed to provide free and/or cheaper tuition to any needy child. The pastor was transferred out of the area and have asked a family to keep on with this endeavor. After the earthquake the enrollment of the school rapidly grew. Because it was the only one remained standing in the area. Today we were blessed to be with them. The staff were very grateful. The children enjoyed the art and crafts, Bible lessons and songs. They specially savored the meal we provided to them. A few saved some portion to take home to share with mom. Please see attached pictures.