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Haitian Hope at Pergame Church

Filed: November 24, 2013

After meeting the needs of the people in Diquini Haitian Hope moved east to an area called. The Pergame Community church, under the Children Ministry leadership of Marlene Compere started a kid’s ministry not only for the local church but for the kids in the community. The church sits on top of a mountain overlooking the community.


At the Pregame Community church over 65 kids were served. The theme for the morning was “The sky is the limit!” HHHE members inspired and encouraged the kids that no matter who they are and where they are if they trust God the sky is the limit. Following arts and crafts by the younger attendees, the older kids reenacted a story from the bible based on the Centurion soldier (Matt. 8: 5-13).

Prior to lunch the children were provided with toys and school supplies to support their academic studies.

For the adults and seniors in attendance the organization again conducted a vision fair for those with vision impairments—the vision test was opened to the community. In addition to reading glasses, sunglasses where made available for those in need.

One particularly lady complaining about dust and sun hurt her eyes when outside was able to leave with a pair of sunglasses.

The visual aides were provided through a generous donation by the Restoring Vision organization through America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.

Eye Bright a nutritional supplement to support healthy vision and Odorless Garlic a vegan formula to help health build the immune boost were provided to those in need. Both were provided through donation by Hope International.